Night Teer, a traditional archery-based lottery game in Meghalaya, India, has captivated players for years. The game’s unique format and potential for winnings make it incredibly popular. If you’re an avid Night Teer player, knowing where to find the previous Night Teer results is crucial. Understanding these results can help you analyze trends, make informed predictions, and increase your chances of success. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Night Teer previous results, exploring reliable sources, analysis strategies, and how to use this information to your advantage.

Shillong Night21/05/20246936
Shillong Night20/05/20245843
Shillong Night19/05/20240696
Shillong Night18/05/20249188
Shillong Night17/05/20242805
Shillong Night16/05/20243469
Shillong Night15/05/20240885
Shillong Night14/05/20246179
Shillong Night13/05/20243484
Shillong Night12/05/20246230
Shillong Night11/05/20242203
Shillong Night10/05/20243243
Shillong Night09/05/20240040
Shillong Night08/05/20247563
Shillong Night07/05/20247600
Shillong Night06/05/20240772
Shillong Night05/05/20242278
Shillong Night04/05/20244633
Shillong Night03/05/20241591
Shillong Night02/05/20242718
Shillong Night01/05/20249613
Shillong Night30/04/20247884
Shillong Night29/04/20243596
Shillong Night28/04/20248826
Shillong Night27/04/20244040
Shillong Night26/04/20245244
Shillong Night25/04/20247669
Shillong Night24/04/20247978
Shillong Night23/04/20246218
Shillong Night22/04/20249594
Shillong Night21/04/20241095
Shillong Night20/04/20244098
Shillong Night19/04/20248581
Shillong Night18/04/20241605
Shillong Night17/04/20244639
Shillong Night16/04/20244545
Shillong Night15/04/20242294
Shillong Night14/04/20244003
Shillong Night13/04/20241958
Shillong Night12/04/20247952
Shillong Night11/04/20241925
Shillong Night10/04/20244989
Shillong Night09/04/20245131
Shillong Night08/04/20242446
Shillong Night07/04/20244649
Shillong Night06/04/20244053
Shillong Night05/04/20245421
Shillong Night04/04/20242642
Shillong Night03/04/20240029
Shillong Night02/04/20243291
Shillong Night01/04/20245836
Shillong Night31/03/20248130
Shillong Night30/03/20245951
Shillong Night29/03/20246695
Shillong Night28/03/20245627
Shillong Night27/03/20242153
Shillong Night26/03/20240805
Shillong Night25/03/20242198
Shillong Night24/03/20249085
Shillong Night23/03/20243503
Shillong Night22/03/20243452
Shillong Night21/03/20246692
Shillong Night20/03/20249284
Shillong Night19/03/20240080
Shillong Night18/03/20249474
Shillong Night17/03/20249402
Shillong Night16/03/20242978
Shillong Night15/03/20245825
Shillong Night14/03/20242107
Shillong Night13/03/20244140
Shillong Night12/03/20246880
Shillong Night11/03/20240542
Shillong Night10/03/20244065
Shillong Night09/03/20247345
Shillong Night08/03/20242851
Shillong Night07/03/20244181
Shillong Night06/03/20247967
Shillong Night05/03/20242687
Shillong Night04/03/20242822
Shillong Night03/03/20242849
Shillong Night02/03/20240839
Shillong Night01/03/20245851

Understanding Night Teer Results

Night Teer, unlike traditional lotteries, involves archers shooting arrows at a target. The last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target become the winning numbers. There are two rounds in Night Teer, with separate winning numbers declared for each round.

To check the Night Teer previous results, you need to understand the following:

  • Date: The specific date for which you want to find the results.
  • Round: Whether you’re interested in the first round or the second round results.
  • Winning Numbers: The two-digit winning numbers for each round.

Where to Find Night Teer Previous Results

There are several reliable sources to find previous Night Teer results:

  • Official Meghalaya Teer Website: The official website ([invalid URL removed]) provides the most accurate and up-to-date Night Teer results.
  • Third-Party Teer Websites: Many dedicated websites offer comprehensive Night Teer result listings, often including historical data and analysis tools.
  • News Publications: Some local and regional news publications may publish Night Teer results in their print or online editions.

Analyzing Night Teer Previous Results

Simply knowing the previous Night Teer results isn’t enough. To gain a strategic edge, you need to analyze them effectively. Here are some analysis strategies:

  • Identifying Patterns: Look for any recurring patterns or trends in the winning numbers. Do certain numbers or combinations appear more frequently?
  • Frequency Analysis: Analyze the frequency of individual digits (0-9) over time. This can help you determine which digits have a higher probability of appearing in the winning numbers.
  • Dream Numbers: Many Teer players believe in “dream numbers.” These are numbers derived from dreams or interpretations of events. You can compare previous results with dream number lists for potential insights.

Using Previous Results to Your Advantage

Here’s how to leverage previous Night Teer results for better predictions:

  • Informed Decisions: Base your number selections on historical trends and patterns, rather than random guesses.
  • Strategic Betting: Combine your analysis with your intuition and betting experience to make calculated betting decisions.
  • Avoid Overreliance: While past results are valuable, remember that Night Teer is a game of chance. Don’t rely solely on historical data; be prepared for unexpected outcomes.

Important Considerations

  • Responsible Gambling: Always play Night Teer responsibly. Set a budget and stick to it.
  • No Guarantees: Analyzing previous results can improve your chances of winning, but it doesn’t offer a foolproof guarantee.
  • Additional Resources: Explore online forums and communities dedicated to Night Teer to connect with other players and gain further insights.


Checking and analyzing Night Teer previous results is a valuable strategy for any dedicated player. By understanding the sources, analysis techniques, and how to leverage the information, you can enhance your Teer gameplay. Remember, while previous results offer helpful guidance, always approach Night Teer with a sense of fun and responsible gaming.